Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Xmas drink driving campaign targets office parties: You are being monitored!

That's it, the silly seaon has officially launched with the first Xmas office parties being held in the City in the past two nights.
It's a busy time for the hospitality industry but also for the Police forces who target office parties as part of their Xmas drink driving campaign.

The recent Automobile Association (aka AA) 'Populus Panel survey showed that work colleagues are most likely to encourage respondents to drink ‘just one more’ when they are intending to drive (14%)'.

Big brother will be watching you...

'The AA advertising campaign will be run where office parties are most likely to take place, and online to tap into the ‘getting ready’ occasion via Facebook, MSN, Spotify, YouTube and w00t!. The campaign launches on December 1 and will run over the Christmas period until the beginning of January 2012'.

The likelyhood is that not only AA will closely monitor these social media networks but I would anticipate the police will too!

If you plan your outfit to go to a party, should you not plan your way home too?
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