Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dodgy companies compromise our industry: Check their insurance status

Time to throw a bit of controversy out there and challenge the companies who do a lot of damage to our industry by compromising your safety.

As I was browsing on Google and searching for competition I came across few competitors who I believe are doing a lot of damage to the industry of designated-driver services.

Competition doesn't bother me - why would it? I'm in a niche market and competitors will help me to get the concept across to the public - what really bothers me is to find out that they try and rip people off by failing to deliver a safe service to Melbourne customers.

The whole idea of our service is to drive you "safely" home when you are unable to drive your car (by choice – pre-booked or by force – on-call)

However, the concept of safety starts with the trust you put in the company you hire for the service and that's where the problem arises:

Did you know that we are the ONLY company in Melbourne to be fully insured to drive you and your car.

What does it mean?

It means that we pay a massive premium (and I mean MASSIVE) to guaranty that our drivers are insured to drive your car. Not just insured as a person to sit in your car (carrying liability insurance) but as a driver (also carrying a motor driving risk insurance like the mechanics have to test-drive your car after service or repair).

What would happen if we did not have this motor driving risk insurance?
(like our dodgy competitors conveniently "forget" to mention)

In the event of an accident whereby the driver's responsibility is engaged you would be left on your own to fight the other party's insurance company. Your no claim bonus would be gone along with your excess!.. and that is if you have an unlisted drivers insurance policy. If not, BAD LUCK, you'll be on your own as your insurance will not even cover you!

What would happen if it was a serious accident with people being hurt or killed?

The liability would fall 100% on your shoulders as you would be the only person insured for your car and the driver would be covered by YOUR insurance. It would then be your responsibility to take the driver and their company to court whilst the family of the injured or dead victim would be taking YOU to court... Good luck with this and be rest assured you will spend few thousand times more than the pity $5-$10 these companies undercut from our prices.

The choice is all yours. All I am saying here is... Make sure you know the score and don't be fooled by their "reassuring" speeches. Only believe what you see in black and white!
If it is not written, it does not exist!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: NEVER SIGN ANY INSURANCE WAVER FORM I know of one company (call me to get their name) who ask their customers to sign an insurance waver form before their driver takes the wheel! How dodgy is that?

Always check the companies FAQ webpage and Terms & Conditions and ask what sort of insurance they carry. It has to be a "motor driving risk insurance and a liability insurance". Feel free to check ours, it's all there in black and white!

As said before, to my knowledge NO ONE else in Melbourne carries these two combined insurances other than us and is therefore fully insured to drive your car.

Competitors, feel free to prove me wrong as it will ultimately serve my cause i.e. to keep the roads and my customers safe!

Without prejudice