Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dodgy companies compromise our industry: Check their insurance status

Time to throw a bit of controversy out there and challenge the companies who do a lot of damage to our industry by compromising your safety.

As I was browsing on Google and searching for competition I came across few competitors who I believe are doing a lot of damage to the industry of designated-driver services.

Competition doesn't bother me - why would it? I'm in a niche market and competitors will help me to get the concept across to the public - what really bothers me is to find out that they try and rip people off by failing to deliver a safe service to Melbourne customers.

The whole idea of our service is to drive you "safely" home when you are unable to drive your car (by choice – pre-booked or by force – on-call)

However, the concept of safety starts with the trust you put in the company you hire for the service and that's where the problem arises:

Did you know that we are the ONLY company in Melbourne to be fully insured to drive you and your car.

What does it mean?

It means that we pay a massive premium (and I mean MASSIVE) to guaranty that our drivers are insured to drive your car. Not just insured as a person to sit in your car (carrying liability insurance) but as a driver (also carrying a motor driving risk insurance like the mechanics have to test-drive your car after service or repair).

What would happen if we did not have this motor driving risk insurance?
(like our dodgy competitors conveniently "forget" to mention)

In the event of an accident whereby the driver's responsibility is engaged you would be left on your own to fight the other party's insurance company. Your no claim bonus would be gone along with your excess!.. and that is if you have an unlisted drivers insurance policy. If not, BAD LUCK, you'll be on your own as your insurance will not even cover you!

What would happen if it was a serious accident with people being hurt or killed?

The liability would fall 100% on your shoulders as you would be the only person insured for your car and the driver would be covered by YOUR insurance. It would then be your responsibility to take the driver and their company to court whilst the family of the injured or dead victim would be taking YOU to court... Good luck with this and be rest assured you will spend few thousand times more than the pity $5-$10 these companies undercut from our prices.

The choice is all yours. All I am saying here is... Make sure you know the score and don't be fooled by their "reassuring" speeches. Only believe what you see in black and white!
If it is not written, it does not exist!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: NEVER SIGN ANY INSURANCE WAVER FORM I know of one company (call me to get their name) who ask their customers to sign an insurance waver form before their driver takes the wheel! How dodgy is that?

Always check the companies FAQ webpage and Terms & Conditions and ask what sort of insurance they carry. It has to be a "motor driving risk insurance and a liability insurance". Feel free to check ours, it's all there in black and white!

As said before, to my knowledge NO ONE else in Melbourne carries these two combined insurances other than us and is therefore fully insured to drive your car.

Competitors, feel free to prove me wrong as it will ultimately serve my cause i.e. to keep the roads and my customers safe!

Without prejudice

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wine tour experience in the Yarra Valley: Part 2/3 From France to Italy...

... after a little appetizer at the Chandon Domain we decided to head further down towards Healesville and aimed for Oakridge Winery.

Fifth stop: Oakridge winery

Awarded best winery 2012 by the Good Wine guide, this winery has got it! A family owned winery which combines beautiful views, great food and award winning wines. This is a growing business which has seen its sales increase by 20% from 2008 to 2010 and by 30% last year. The restaurant has a lovely relaxed and friendly feel and the two chefs work relentlessly to offer high quality food.
The aim is for Oakridge to be one of the only 3 restaurants in the Yarra Valley to receive the well renowned chef hat distinction.
There are also plans on the wall showing a forthcoming extension which  will will cater for many more customers, let's hope it does not turn into a massive tour operator industry and lose its charm.

Products to remember:
Chardonnay 864, gold medal 2010 and Pinot Noir 2008

Sixth stop: Tokar Estate
From Italy...

Where Yarra Valley meets Tuscani... It's hard not to associate the Tokar estate to the Italian hills of Tuscani when you first lay your eyes on the beautiful Mediterranean style mansion sitting comfortably in the middle of lavish vines, green trees and colourful flowers.
On arrival, we got introduced to Rita Tokar, the proud estate owner (with her husband Leon) who took the time to tell us a lot about this Yarra Valley jewel. It did not take long for us to realize how much pride and passion filled Rita's heart when she talked about her estate!
My stomach was far from full with a shared small Chandon salad and polenta chips and we decided to stay and enjoy a cheese platter and to share a glass of 2008 Tempranillo (Rioja style of red wine). The local cheeses were delicious and beautifully plated which certainly added to our true enjoyment.
It is (my) custom to finish any good meal with a coffee. There again, in a pure Italian tradition we enjoyed a real nectar accompanied by scromptious homemade chocolate truffle and pistachio fudge!

Products to remember:
2008 Tempranillo (Red), 2008 Joie de vivre Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot noir/Pinot Meunier, 2007 Chardonnay.

Seventh stop: Dominique Portet Estate
... to France...

Home, sweet home. Allez les Bleus, etc, etc...  As a French wine lover, You can imagine the high level of expectation I had when I drove into the estate. My French senses were all over the place, ready to embrace the "Sud-Ouest de la France experience" in the Yarra Valley, especially when you know that Dominique's dad was André Portet, the régisseur (vineyard & winery manager) of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild in Pauillac.
For any Bordeaux connoisseur you cannot get better than that, maybe as good but not better!
Et voilà... Scorching heat and a "Pétanque" court (The Famous French boules game)  - all you needed to complete this re-enaction of South of France was a Pastis, a jug of iced water, olives and the crickets singing in the background!
However, I came back to Aussie reality when there was no French native there to be found inside the building which was a little disappoiting.
However, Stephen was there and welcomed us with a great "bonjour" and a big smile that made me instantly remember why I love Australia so much.
Ok, Stephen was not French but he knew his wine collection by heart and had the passion and experience you would rightly expect from the winery host.
Marian was invited to try the Fontaine Rosé which unfortunately was a little bit too dry for her.(I personally like it crispy as it was)
When told there was a wine very similar to Bordeaux, I had to try and see this with my own... taste buds! The 2008 Cabernet Sauvigon Merlot indeed brought  me back in time and reminded me that for as much as I like Shiraz,  I seriously miss Bordeaux. This was indeed as close as you can get. Verdict: 10/10...and you know what? For $45 the bottle, you don't even need to break the bank!
I look forward to meeting Dominique one day and tell him "in French" how much I enjoyed my visit there!

Products to remember:
André 2006 (blend of Cab-Sav and Shiraz), Dominique Portet 2008, Sparkling Brut Rosé NV and 2011 Fontaine Rosé.

Come back in a couple of days for our final chapter of our Wine tour experience in the Yarra Valley:
Part 3/3 via... Australia!

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wine-tour experience in the Yarra Valley: Part 1/3 from charming to grand!

Isn't it great when people know what they are talking about... And what better way to know about the Yarra Valley Wineries than to take the time to visit them and find out about their particularities!

Word of caution:
I don't have the pretention to be a wine critic or to own "the" truth about the places we visited. Views are my own and are for the sole purpose of sharing my personal experience with you. The best way to make your own opinion about the Yarra Valley wineries is probably to call 1300 We Drive and and let us drive you and your car there! 

This first blog will focus on the stretch from Coldstream to Healesville via the Maroondah Highway.

Marian and I have both been a couple of times on organized wine tours to the Yarra valley but for some reason our memories from the places we visited seemed to have gone a little blurr - blame the wine, I'll say!
This time we take a note pad, a camera and... the breathalizer (just in case although we will limit the tasting to the very limited essential in order to remain way below the 0.5 legal limit!)

On a scorching 38 degres day we decided to head for the Yarra Valley and meet with the "locals" in order to perfect our knowledge of this magnificient region and discover some of its 80 wineries.

First stop: Coldstream Brewery

You could easily miss this place whislt driving through Coldstream as the front window is not particularly spectacular.
However, as soon as you step in the atmosphere is friendly, warm and buzzing and you will be struggling to find a seat at lunchtime on a hot day.
Hard to tell if the place was filled with local beer lovers or visitors stopping by but it certainly had that nice feel with very friendly staff moving around swiftly with massive jugs... of beer of course!

Special mention to the homemade pizza and the little water fountain on the wall... Oh, and great air conditionning system!

Products to remember:
Coldstream Pilsner, Coldstream Pale Ale, Coldstream cider (Gluten free) and a wide variety of local lagers.

Second stop: St Hubert's Winery

First impression: Charming and convivial! We arrive to a lovely little lake surrounded by very neat grounds, few trees and of course vines, vines and more vines! St Hubert's is one of the oldest estates in the region as  founded in 1861 and has won over the years a large number of trophies at regional and National wine contests.
Gayle welcomed us with a large smile to tell us about the winery and its trademark products whilst Marian enjoyed the tasting of a fantastic Pinot Noir sparkling ($30 the bottle).

St Hubert's bases its strong reputation on Pinot Noir, Cabernet and to a lesser extend Chardonnay. Gayle told us they don't really have an old "vintage" wine as they sell out every year i.e. none left to make a vintage product although they have few wines from 1997 and 2001 up for grab!

Products to remember:
2008 Hubert the Stag Pinot Noir, 2001 Pinot Chard Sparkling, 1997 St Hubert's Chardonnay.

Third stop: Punt road Winery

A long drive... few hundred metres down the road and we arrive at Punt Road Winery to read... "Cider sorbet only for adults" on the front door. Now, that's got to catch your attention! Scott & Kate welcomed us and told us about their very own Napoleone Cider. 
Napoleone is actually the Estate family name not to be confused with  Napoleone Bonaparte who was originally from Corsica and therefore had barely  anything to do with cider which was made 1,000 km further up north near the coasts of Brittany and Normandy!

By the way, did you know that the Yarra Valley has a Cider and Ale trail that starts... at the Coldstream brewery?
Punt Road is famous for their Chardonnay, Pinot and Cab Sav. They have a wide range of wines which includes Rosé and Semillon (A sweet dessert white wine similar to Sauternes). They also have some very nice locally made relishes and sauces such as road rage and traffic jam (Sounds much like Melbourne's Punt Road on a Friday night after the Footy, doesn't it?)

Products to remember:
NV Chardonnay Pinot Noir, 2010 Pinot Gris, Botrytis Semillon.

Fourth stop: Domain Chandon

First impression: Wow! When you come from France and obviously have a deserved respect from French Champagne products, you have a high level of expectation for anyone who would call themselves Chandon in Australia.
I will use Marian's words to qualify this place on arrival: "this has got to be the Louis Vuitton and Chanel end of the winery industry!"
However, like everything in life, this may not suit everyone's taste. If you are looking for a romantic, charming, intimate place to chill out in a relaxed atmosphere, you've hit the wrong road and for us the wow factor wore out as soon as we went inside the building.
Busy, very busy, way too busy... Buses loaded with tourists from wine tour operators are simply roaming the place. In the 50 minutes we spent there I counted 12 buses and over 200 people moving in and out. Queue to taste wine, queue to eat food and queue to buy anything. It's big, it's grand but it's not my cup of tea and a 35 minutes wait for a salad and polenta chips did not help the matter. To add to the desillusion, the waitress asked if we wanted to let a bunch of tourists sit a our table as all tables were full and the wait was getting them upset... so much for the romantic luncheon:(
Sorry Chandon but you lost me there! I'll still give you the credit you deserve for the magnificient views and a wide range of great wines.  

Products to remember:
Chandon Prestige Cuvée 1996, Chandon Yarra Valley Brut, Chandon Macedon Cuvée

Come back in a couple of days for our Wine tour experience in the Yarra Valley: Part 2/3
From France to Italy via... Australia!

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Taxis...Shame on you!

Enough is enough, I'll say!

My drivers report near collisions with taxi drivers every weekend and I personally have to watch out for them when I am on the road.

Here is a brief account of a "normal" weekend encounter with taxis:

Riding the bike on St Kilda road and hit by a wreckless taxi driver on Friday night who just shouted "sorry" and drove off.
I was left buffled with a broken mirror, damaged handle bar and a good fright as I had been bumped at 50km/h and avoided by not much a parked car on the side of the road.
The most amazing thing is that I was riding in the middle of the left lane of a "straight road" with 3 more lanes available for cars to overtake me!
I could only take his plate number and tried to call Silver Taxis but guess what... line experiencing technical difficulties all night! (I had to wait until Sunday morning to speak to them)

I called the taxi company and was told to contact the police as they don't deal with this type of issues!
That's accountability for you!

Riding the bike on St Kilda road again on Saturday night and nearly missed by another Taxi. The only reason I did not get killed was because I swerved and avoided the collision.
I caught up with him and confronted him at the traffic light. All he had to say in a broken English was "get off the F** ing road" and then flipped the bird at me in front of his front seat passenger and then drove off at speed.

Nothing I can do as I was not hit!!!

These guys are rude, unprofessional and potential road killers and should never be employed in the first place.
Too many of them put Melbourne to shame with their disgraceful behaviour and lack of basic driving skills.

YES, Melbourne need more taxis.
NO, Melbourne should not get more incompetent taxi drivers

The questions are:
What are the taxi companies' selection criteria to employ their drivers.
How much time do they spend on properly training their drivers.
Finally, how much effort do they put into quality control and monitoring?

Silver Taxi, 13CABS and all the likes, put your acts together and spend less money and time on advertising (what's the point when you can't even cope with the demand!) and more on training and monitoring of your existing staff and recruitment procedure of your future drivers.

I don't have money to advertise because I spend it all on paying my drivers very well and getting all the resources they need to work at the highest standards. (average $30/h compared to $10 for taxi drivers)

I personally spend 4 hours to induct each of my new drivers and liaise with them all the time to maintain quality assurance.

I rarely have a go at competitors but you deserve to be named and shamed for your actions and the bad reputation you give to the transport services in Melbourne.

CEO and executives of Melbourne major taxi companies, you are rolling on millions of $$ but show no respect for your customers.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Drivers needed urgently - $100 reward for a recommendation

We are the victims of our own success and popularity... and need drivers urgently!

It is a fantastic feeling to earn the recognition from Melbourne that we are a premium service delivering at the highest standards. 
However the flip of the coin is that my selection criteria of your drivers are so specific that it drastically limits the number of applicants who can join the team.
The lead up to Xmas and New Year's Eve is the busiest time of the year for us and the word of mouth added to the current messy Taxi situation is driving more people towards us everyday.

Who can best recommend a driver but you, our own customers as you know best what I will expect from them?

If you can recommend a suitable driver who will remain employed for two months, you will receive a free journey of up to $100 valid for one year!

Let me rephrase this...

Let the search begin!

We are looking for drivers who are 25+ with 5 years driving licence and a R licence or a partner who can follow them in their car - tag team.
They must not have any DUI conviction and will need to show evidence of their driving and insurance claim history to be eligible.
All drivers need to own their own GPS device (and bike riding gear if applicable) and have a good knowledge of Melbourne main arteries.
This job is more than just about driving fancy cars, it is a personal service that requires the upmost customer service skills, a good sense of humour and conversational skills, flexibility and ability to deal with changes of plans at the last minute.

It is an exciting job, very well paid and extremely rewarding.
Please call 1300 We Drive or send a CV to 

To find out more about us, please visit

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Xmas drink driving campaign targets office parties: You are being monitored!

That's it, the silly seaon has officially launched with the first Xmas office parties being held in the City in the past two nights.
It's a busy time for the hospitality industry but also for the Police forces who target office parties as part of their Xmas drink driving campaign.

The recent Automobile Association (aka AA) 'Populus Panel survey showed that work colleagues are most likely to encourage respondents to drink ‘just one more’ when they are intending to drive (14%)'.

Big brother will be watching you...

'The AA advertising campaign will be run where office parties are most likely to take place, and online to tap into the ‘getting ready’ occasion via Facebook, MSN, Spotify, YouTube and w00t!. The campaign launches on December 1 and will run over the Christmas period until the beginning of January 2012'.

The likelyhood is that not only AA will closely monitor these social media networks but I would anticipate the police will too!

If you plan your outfit to go to a party, should you not plan your way home too?
If you're going to drink, 1300 WE DRIVE - Call us or book online

Friday, 18 November 2011

Police to stay tough this summer

The police has vouched to relentlessly track down the drink-drivers but also anyone impaired on the roads.

Drug testing stations as well as booze buses will be set up in side streets, back streets and main arteries of Melbourne Metropolitan region over the 7 weeks long festive period.

Basically, the question is no longer  if drink-drivers will be caught... it's down to when they will be caught.

Nobody plans to crash their car or to lose their license for Xmas. 

It is very simple: If you drink, 1300 We Drive! 

“Over this seven-week period last year we lost 38 lives on Victorian roads,” Mr Walshe said.

“The aim of Victoria Police, TAC, VicRoads and all our road safety partners is to see that figure reduced.

“While we will all be working hard to make this happen, it’s all road users that can make the real difference.

“We all know what the key risks are – speed, alcohol and distraction. Stay alive this summer and stay away from the risks.”