Friday, 18 November 2011

Police to stay tough this summer

The police has vouched to relentlessly track down the drink-drivers but also anyone impaired on the roads.

Drug testing stations as well as booze buses will be set up in side streets, back streets and main arteries of Melbourne Metropolitan region over the 7 weeks long festive period.

Basically, the question is no longer  if drink-drivers will be caught... it's down to when they will be caught.

Nobody plans to crash their car or to lose their license for Xmas. 

It is very simple: If you drink, 1300 We Drive! 

“Over this seven-week period last year we lost 38 lives on Victorian roads,” Mr Walshe said.

“The aim of Victoria Police, TAC, VicRoads and all our road safety partners is to see that figure reduced.

“While we will all be working hard to make this happen, it’s all road users that can make the real difference.

“We all know what the key risks are – speed, alcohol and distraction. Stay alive this summer and stay away from the risks.”

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