Monday, 19 December 2011

Taxis...Shame on you!

Enough is enough, I'll say!

My drivers report near collisions with taxi drivers every weekend and I personally have to watch out for them when I am on the road.

Here is a brief account of a "normal" weekend encounter with taxis:

Riding the bike on St Kilda road and hit by a wreckless taxi driver on Friday night who just shouted "sorry" and drove off.
I was left buffled with a broken mirror, damaged handle bar and a good fright as I had been bumped at 50km/h and avoided by not much a parked car on the side of the road.
The most amazing thing is that I was riding in the middle of the left lane of a "straight road" with 3 more lanes available for cars to overtake me!
I could only take his plate number and tried to call Silver Taxis but guess what... line experiencing technical difficulties all night! (I had to wait until Sunday morning to speak to them)

I called the taxi company and was told to contact the police as they don't deal with this type of issues!
That's accountability for you!

Riding the bike on St Kilda road again on Saturday night and nearly missed by another Taxi. The only reason I did not get killed was because I swerved and avoided the collision.
I caught up with him and confronted him at the traffic light. All he had to say in a broken English was "get off the F** ing road" and then flipped the bird at me in front of his front seat passenger and then drove off at speed.

Nothing I can do as I was not hit!!!

These guys are rude, unprofessional and potential road killers and should never be employed in the first place.
Too many of them put Melbourne to shame with their disgraceful behaviour and lack of basic driving skills.

YES, Melbourne need more taxis.
NO, Melbourne should not get more incompetent taxi drivers

The questions are:
What are the taxi companies' selection criteria to employ their drivers.
How much time do they spend on properly training their drivers.
Finally, how much effort do they put into quality control and monitoring?

Silver Taxi, 13CABS and all the likes, put your acts together and spend less money and time on advertising (what's the point when you can't even cope with the demand!) and more on training and monitoring of your existing staff and recruitment procedure of your future drivers.

I don't have money to advertise because I spend it all on paying my drivers very well and getting all the resources they need to work at the highest standards. (average $30/h compared to $10 for taxi drivers)

I personally spend 4 hours to induct each of my new drivers and liaise with them all the time to maintain quality assurance.

I rarely have a go at competitors but you deserve to be named and shamed for your actions and the bad reputation you give to the transport services in Melbourne.

CEO and executives of Melbourne major taxi companies, you are rolling on millions of $$ but show no respect for your customers.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Drivers needed urgently - $100 reward for a recommendation

We are the victims of our own success and popularity... and need drivers urgently!

It is a fantastic feeling to earn the recognition from Melbourne that we are a premium service delivering at the highest standards. 
However the flip of the coin is that my selection criteria of your drivers are so specific that it drastically limits the number of applicants who can join the team.
The lead up to Xmas and New Year's Eve is the busiest time of the year for us and the word of mouth added to the current messy Taxi situation is driving more people towards us everyday.

Who can best recommend a driver but you, our own customers as you know best what I will expect from them?

If you can recommend a suitable driver who will remain employed for two months, you will receive a free journey of up to $100 valid for one year!

Let me rephrase this...

Let the search begin!

We are looking for drivers who are 25+ with 5 years driving licence and a R licence or a partner who can follow them in their car - tag team.
They must not have any DUI conviction and will need to show evidence of their driving and insurance claim history to be eligible.
All drivers need to own their own GPS device (and bike riding gear if applicable) and have a good knowledge of Melbourne main arteries.
This job is more than just about driving fancy cars, it is a personal service that requires the upmost customer service skills, a good sense of humour and conversational skills, flexibility and ability to deal with changes of plans at the last minute.

It is an exciting job, very well paid and extremely rewarding.
Please call 1300 We Drive or send a CV to 

To find out more about us, please visit